My last meeting on the Young Labour NC – and why members in the South West should put their name forward

Tonight’s Young Labour meeting was my last as the rep for the South West.

For those of you who don’t know – I am currently at university studying outside my region. Last year I was able to balance my time – visiting the South West frequently and be based in the region during the holidays – I was able to fulfil my role as the SW rep and focus on my studies. However, numerous things in my life have changed which will mean that I will not be able to do this anymore, which I don’t think will be fair on young members all across the South West.

I believe in the principle that regional reps should be based in their region/available in their region on demand. Although I was in this position last year – I am no longer in the position to do this anymore; therefore I feel that somebody new should take on the position.

I need to focus my time and energy on my degree, personal goals, and helping Labour where I am based most of the year (and that will be near my university and the surrounding areas).

I was incredibly proud to be elected over a year ago – and I’m sure my successor will do an incredible job taking over.

I’d like to thank the Young Labour National Committee for their fantastic work in the party – every single person on that committee is doing an absolutely amazing job – I wish them, and my successor, the best of luck in the future.

Now – the next steps:

To the best of my belief, I believe that the general secretary and youth officer have come to the conclusion that the next SW rep will be elected by the NC to serve on the NC – for those who are interested in standing, send in a short statement to the chair of Young Labour at:

The role is a very rewarding one – representing young members all across the SW – I’d highly recommend that young members in the South West put their name forward for the position to be considered by the NC.


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